Kwality Broiler Feed

Kwality Broiler Feed:

Product Range: 50KG Laminated HDPE bags

  • Broiler Pre Starter Crumbles (0-14 days or 400gm/chick)
  • Broiler Starter Crumbles (15-28 days or 1000gm/bird)
  • Broiler Finisher Crumbles (29 to Marketing)
  • Broiler Concentrate 10% (Mash)
  • Broiler concentrate 50% (Mash)
  • Deshi Starter Crumbles
  • Deshi Finisher Crumbles
  • Also Supplying Customized feed as per requirement of breed on demand.

Our Strength:

  • Best Quality Raw Material, well setup laboratory with NIR.
  • Best and Consistent Quality feed manufactured at state of Art feed plant with Good Manufacturing practices & strict Quality control.
  • Accurate Temperature control during Conditioning, Pelleting and bagging
  • Feed formulations designed considering breed requirement and climatic conditions for best results.
  • Balanced feed with Protein, energy, Amino acids, calcium, available phosphorus, Coccidiostats, growth promoters, electrolytes, fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • After sales technical services to all farmers.
  • Experienced, professional and well educated staff.

Benefits of Kwality Feeds:

  • Improved Feed conversion Ratio (FCR) with least cost.
  • High weight gain with high meat quality.
  • Less feed wastage due to good quality pellets and crumbles.
  • Highly Uniform Particle size, less dust and highly durable.
  • Better digestibility and faster growth subject to good farm management.
  • Improved immunity and Higher Livability.
  • Least medication cost.
  • Reduced pathogen load.
  • Healthy gut improved nutrient absorption.
  • More eggs per bird with least feed consumption.