Feed Division

The company at present has 2 State of art Feed production facilities and 1 state of art premix production facility in Belgaum. Wherein the Poultry feed required for fast growing Broiler chicken, Deshi chicken, Broiler breeder chicken and high yielding commercial layer chickens are produced from best quality tested raw materials like Maize, Soya Oil, Rape seed meal, De oiled Rice bran, Fish Meal and various vitamins, mineral, synthetic Amino acids and feed additives following proved standard operating procedures. Major share of the feed produced is used for Broiler farms under integration division, grown for own dressing plant located At Rajgoli, Tal-Chandgad, Dist-Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and  also sold in open market to private poultry farmers in Karnataka and Maharashtra directly from factory and from our feed sales branch at Shiroli, Kolhapur.

Bruker -FT NIR

FT- NIR:   Germany  make Advance Machine for Instant and Accurate Analysis for Raw Material and Finish Products, gives results within 20 Seconds, costing 40 lakh.

Analyses Raw Material Samples for Crude Protein, Moisture, Crude Fat, Crude Fibre, Salt, AIA, Phosphorus, Starch, AME, Urease Activity, Amino Acids etc. Liquid samples like Oil for FFA, PV, IV, and MIV.

More accurate results as Own Calibrations Used, Helps in QC Decision making acceptance or rejection of Raw Material and their usages in feed Formulation as per actual analysis and further to achieve Consistent Quality  Feed.

Soxhlet Fat Extractor

Used for analysis of Crude Fat Content of Raw Material And Feed. Each and Every Sample of Feed and Required Raw material is analyzed for fat.

Gerhardt Vapodest 20 : Crude Protein Analyser

Semi Automatic machine, made in Germany, For Instant ant and accurate analysis of Crude Protein by Kjeldahl method of Raw Material and Feed. Results are more accurate and minimizes manual errors as compared to traditional equipments.