Modern Poultry industry focuses on lowering production costs and increasing body weight within shortest possible span and increased eggs production per hen with  high quality balanced feed.

The Company, KWALITY ANIMAL FEEDS PVT. LTD. is mainly into the business of Feed Manufacturing, Feed sale, Production of Live Birds, Dressed Chicken and commercial eggs.  Company is Committed for consistent and high quality products.

Kwality Broiler Feed:

Product Range: 50KG Laminated HDPE bags

  • Broiler Pre Starter Crumble (0-14 days or 400gm/chick)
  • Broiler Starter Crumble (15-28 days or 800gm/bird)
  • Broiler Finisher Pellet/Crumble (29 to Marketing)
  • Broiler Concentrate 10% (Mash)
  • Broiler concentrate 50% (Mash)
  • Deshi Starter Crumble
  • Deshi Finisher Crumble

Our Strength:

  • Best Quality Raw Material, well setup laboratory with NIR .
  • Best and Consistent Quality feed manufactured at state of Art feed plant with Good Manufacturing practices & strict Quality control.
  • Accurate Temperature control during Conditioning, Pelleting and bagging
  • Feed formulations designed considering breed requirement and climatic conditions for best results.
  • Balanced feed with Protein, energy, Amino acids, calcium, available phosphorus, coccidiostats, growth promoters, electrolytes, fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • After sales technical services to all farmers.



Benefits of Kwality Feeds:

  • Improved Feed conversion Ratio (FCR ).
  • High weight gain with high meat quality.
  • Less feed wastage due to good quality crumbles and pellets.
  • Highly Uniform Particle size, less dust and highly durable.
  • Better digestibility and faster growth subject to good managemental conditions.
  • Improved immunity and Higher Livability.
  • Least medication cost.
  • Reduced pathogen loads
  • Healthy gut improved nutrient absorption.