BELCHICK comes from a renowned organization, KWALITY HOUSE, existing for over 35 years having in-house facilities of feed manufacturing unit, laboratory, breeding farm, hatchery, broiler farms and bird processing unit. Kwality has its own poultry activities wherein a chick is grown to chicken under one roof with strict quality control under the supervision of dedicated veterinarians, technical experts and other staff.

“Our dream is to provide a healthy, hygienic and tasty processed chicken to the consumer.  Keeping in this view Kwality Animal Feeds Pvt. Ltd. Has setup a state of the art plant at Rajgoli (District Kolhapur). This is of the most technically suitable designed and established plant in India. Taking care of product flow, man movement and overall hygienic requirements.

KWALITY ANIMAL FEEDS.PVT.LTD.RAJGOLI shall be recognized and respected as a leading Indian business organization betrothed  in identifying and satisfying consumer demands, within the country for poultry meat that will serve as food for health, wellness,   pleasure and  the nutritional enhancement.

Plant is designed for 4000 BPH with fully automatic facilities, monitored by technical staff.

Major raw material live birds are grown in its own company hence have all the control on quantity of raw material. Chicks are produced in our own breeding farm and hatchery. Feed to the birds is supplied from own feed mill, hence production of healthy birds without antibiotic is possible. All the back end activities are monitored by expert veterinarians. Biosecurity, disease control, good management, excellent feed formulation and no use of antibiotic makes our chicken the most healthy and safe to consume.

The safest raw material (live broilers) is supplied to  the chicken dressing plant where scientific processing is done.

“Chicken processing is a science.” It’s just not cutting and sale of chicken.

One of the most important key factor, to get the quality of the finished product is animal well fare and its comfort plays important role.

As all activities are under our roof we have an excellent control on this activity.

Birds are transported at maximum comfort to the plant and unloaded at very comfortable environmental to keep them calm.

There are series of operations such as hanging, stunning, slaughtering, bleeding, scalding, de-feathering, ev-section, chilling and grading is done at most hygienic environment which makes product safer.

All the slaughtering activities are done at control environment to keep the product quality and shelf life.

At plant level all GMPs, SOP, SSOP are strictly monitored by quality control department and assure the manufacturing of safe product free from other microbial contamination from external source.

In house laboratory ensure the product safety by testing each batch of production.     We are also committed to take care of the environment. So the waste generated at processing level shall be collected in closed system and shall be processed in rendering plant, which manufacture a raw material for pet food industry.

West water is treated in modern effluent treatment plant. The treated water then is  used for the agriculture purpose.

KWALITY ANIMAL FEEDS.PVT.LTD,RAJGOLI is committed to produce quality and wholesome chicken and chicken  products  to the satisfaction of their customers by implementing “ ISO 22000:2005” and “ FSSC 22000”,  with emerging technologies, strict hygienic conditions through qualified trained team and good operational controls confirming to the   statutory and regulatory requirements. Kwality Animal Feeds Pvt. Ltd, Rajgoli ensure that the management and all teams are dedicated to develop, implement and continually improve on Food Safety Management System at our organization.