Modern Poultry industry focuses on lowering production costs and increasing body weight within shortest possible span and increased eggs production per hen with high quality balanced feed.


The Company, KWALITY ANIMAL FEEDS PVT. LTD. is mainly into the business of Feed Manufacturing, Feed sale, Production of Live Birds, Dressed Chicken and commercial eggs.  Company is Committed for consistent and high quality products.


Product Range: 50KG Laminated HDPE bags

Broiler Pre Starter Crumble (0-14 days or 400gm/chick)

Broiler concentrate 50% (Mash)

Broiler Starter Crumble (15-28 days or 800gm/bird)

Deshi Starter Crumble

Broiler Finisher Pellet/Crumble (29 to Marketing)

Deshi Finisher Crumble

Broiler Concentrate 10% (Mash)





This initiative taken by company serves the consumers excellent quality live bird, with tender taste and is easily available in the vicinity of the customers viz; Belgaum, Khanapur, MK Hubli, Sankeshwar, Gokak, Ghataprabha, Mahalingpur, Nipani, Chikodi, Gadhinglaj, Ajra and Chandgad.


Belchick is first of its own kind retail outlet of chicken in Belagavi. The fresh chilled chicken is scientifically processed in our ultra-modern poultry processing plant imported from Meyn Netherland with a capacity of 3000 birds per hour.


A unique way of processing fresh chilled chicken serves consumers a healthy hygienic & tasty chicken than compared to the live cut chicken in any butcher shop. Belchick serves a wide range of fresh chilled chicken products like Curry Cut, Whole Chicken (With our Wthout Skin) Boneless, Leg Piece, Drumstick, Lollipop, Wings, Liver, Gizzard, Soup Pieces & Mince (Kheema).Belchick has already occupied a space in the kitchen of thousands of Belgaumites.

We observe scientifically accepted FSSAI method of Proccesing, which ensures quality control of finished product. The technically trained staffs play a key role in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.


Also Belchick serves a wide range of fresh chilled marinated products (ready to fry / ready to grill) like marinated lollipop, Tandoori Tikka, Chilli chicken, Tangadi kabab…etc. Our products are easy to prepare at home. We launched Belchick ready to cook Frozen product snacks like Chicken nuggets, Chicken garlic finger, Burger patty, Breakfast sausages, Cocktail sausages…etc. Our products are easy to prepare at home. High protein snacks ready within minutes.

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